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Yes, you can make as many accounts as you want free, but you pay for the download onto your computer. (I actually asked this Q, but I've been searching and you can!)



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Q: Can you have multiple accounts on minecraft in one payment?
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Can you buy multiple minecraft accounts in one day?

Yes. You can get game cards from retailers, you can get gift codes for your friends, or you could make a ton of Minecraft accounts and a ton of email accounts and buy a paid membership for each.

Is minecraft a monthly payment or a one off cost?

It is a one-time payment.

How much do you have to pay to play Minecraft?

Minecraft is a one off €19.95 payment.

Do you pay Minecraft monthly?

No, it's a one-off payment.

Can you have different profile on Minecraft computer?

Yes, you can log into as many minecraft accounts on one computer as you want.

How long do you get to play Minecraft with one payment?

There is only ever one payment, and that's for premium membership. That lets you play Minecraft's full version 'forever', including all future updates.

Can you make multiple accounts on Minecraft with one purchase on one computer like if I have family members that want to play Minecraft too but I don't want them messing with my account?

No you can't because it only is one account but if you want you can have alot of games like Survie, Creative , i forget but theres more.Thank'sMM445

Do you have to pay monfly on minecraft to play?

No, an account is a one-time payment.

How would one get free online minecraft accounts?

Unless you are gifted the game from a friend, you cannot get free premium minecraft accounts. You can register accounts without buying the game, though you will only be able to play creative.

Is minecraft a monthly paid game?

Nope, it's a one time payment.

Is Minecraft a one time payment?

No. you pay oncee and you have it forever until deleted.

Can there be multiple your player accounts in nba2k12 on one xbox?

no there can actually be one only