Is minecraft a monthly paid game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nope, it's a one time payment.

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Q: Is minecraft a monthly paid game?
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Do you pay only once to buy minecraft?

Yes. Once you buy Minecraft, you do not have to make things such as monthly payments for the game.

How much does the computer game Minecraft cost?

i paid $10

How much is Minecraft and does it have a monthly fee?

Minecraft costs $26.95 and there is no monthly fee.

How do you play Minecraft on a laptop?

Same as you would on a PC. Download Minecraft from Then run the game with a paid account.

Does Minecraft have a monthly bill?

No its a one time payment for the game download :) its like $25 like £17

How much does a game designer get paid monthly?

the pay varies from rank and company

Does it cost monthly for Minecraft?


Does minecraft have a monthly fee?

No, its a one-time pay for this epic game.

How do download Minecraft launcher?

Go to and download the official game launcher. It does require a paid account.

How can you play paid Minecraft for free?

You can try download minecraft from usenet, but if you try, do not enter any username or password in your downloaded minecraft.exe. To play multiplayer, you have to buy the game.

How many times do they charge on minecraft?

Only once. When you have paid for the game you get all it's features and updates for free.

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