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Can you have more than 6 people in your family on sims 3 pets on ps3

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Q: Can you have more than six people in your family on the sims 3 ps3?
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Can sims in sims 3 be moved in with each other?

Yes, they can, as long as the resulting family has no more than 8 people.

Is there a way to get more than 8 people in your family on sims 2 double deluxe I asked before but I was just told how to get sims added into the family not how to expand the?

No there isn't eight is the limit

More than 8 sims in a family?

I don't believe you can, but you could try marrying a sims within a family of eight.

Can you adopt or have a kid if you have more than 8 sims on the Sims 2?

I'm afraid you can't have more than eight sims in one household together at a time. I had this family once, when I had sims 2, and I had eight family members and I couldn't get pregnant or adopt any other babies.

For Sims 2 for PS2 do you have to have fewer than 4 people in the house to have a baby?

You need to have less than 8 people in the house, as you can only have 8 sims in a family at once.

Can you play more than one family in the same town on Sims 3?

u can play more than 1 family as long as u save your previous family.

Which is better your sims or your sims kingdom?

Personally I love them both. But most people say they favor My sims kingdom more than My sims.

Can you have more than one family on sims 3?

Yes, but you must have them in separate games.

When you start the sims 3 can you make more than one family?

yeah just go to options edit town and create a family

How many people can you have in a household in sims 2 PC?

Up to 8 people, or, if you have Pets, a combination of 10 with no more than 8 sims or 6 pets.

Is there a cheat for the sims 3 where you can have more than 6 people?

Well you can have up to 8 people in your household.:)

On sims 2 can you have more than 500 people in 1 household?

no the biggest number of people you can have is 10 i think