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No. but you can have a hamster cage and bird cage! (Sold in stores) The hamster runs on it's wheel, and the bird hops around, tweeting. I consider them pets! :)

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Q: Can you have a pet in Animal Crossing?
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Can you have a pet in animal crossing wild world?


How do you get a pet on Animal Crossing ds?

You can't

Which fish do you need to get a dog in Animal Crossing?

You cant get a dog or any type of pet on animal crossing.

Can you get a car or a pet on Animal Crossing lets go to the city?

No you can't get a car or a pet in animal crossing let's go to the city. The only form of transport is the bus, but only the busdriver can drive that!

Can you have a pet cat or dog in Animal Crossing and can you take them a walk?

No you can only have people in Animal crossing. It sucks I know. No It DOES NOT suck in fact you should be glad because how would you feel if you where walking your pet labrador and you saw the look on Goldie's(a labrador villager in animal crossing)face when she saw you walk your labrador?

How do you get pets on Animal Crossing wild world on ds?

actually you can not get a pet on any of the animal crossing games maybe a hamster you can buy at nooks but other than that you cannot

Can you adopt an animal on animal crossing wild world?

No but if you catch a fish or bug you can put it in your house and it can be like a pet.

Can you get a dog in Animal Crossing qickly?

It is impossible to get pets in Animal Crossing, if that is what you mean. However, you can buy a dog house in Tom Nook's store, but this won't give you an actual pet.

How do you get a pet dog on ACWW?

If you're talking about Animal Crossing: Wild World, sadly, you can't. I wish you could.

What is the next Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing 3DS

Will there be a Animal Crossing 5?

If there is no animal crossing 1,2,3,4....don't ya think it'd be obvious. There's animal crossing city folk for wii, animal crossing wild world for ds, animal crossing new leaf for the 3ds, but there is not animal crossing 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 OR 5

Can you get a feather in animal crossing?

Yes you can get feathers on animal crossing!