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You can have a free toontown account but you don't get all the perks that you would have if you do pay. For the first month it is $4.95

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Q: Can you have a free toontown account?
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How do you get chat on toontown?

ok, toontown change a butch! its a forever free account! u can chat with keyboard free! no stupid membership!!

How many gags can you learn in toontown if you have a free account?

If you have a free account toontown limits you to only having the throw and squirt gags. However, if you become a member you can learn 2 more gags.

Do you have a member toontown free account?

yes, but ur not getting the acct.

Can you go to higher cog buiding with a free account?

The only cog buildings you can enter with a free account is in ToonTown Central.

How to find Free account cog buildings?

The only cog buildings you can get into as a free player is in ToonTown Central.

Where do you get toontown injector free with no viruses or torrents?

Don't get it I learned that once you download it and run it Toontown admin contact you and destroy your account permanently.

How do you get a account on toontown?

You can get an account on Toontown by opening a browser typing in and hiting the enter button. You then press the link "play for free" which is located at the top of the page. Then you fill in all of the answers. You will be needing an email address to activate the account.

Can i have your toontown account?

user 2592773 pass toontown

How can you get free membership in toontown?

you can get free membership on dinsey toontown free

How do you get trap for free on toontown?

in Toontown it is impossible to get trap free

Your toontown account is weird you have a free account and it wont let you play because you don't have a character and when you try to create one it says this is for members only?

When you start up Toontown on your free account, there will be 6 colored slots. 5 of them can only be used when you have purchased a membership for Toontown. If you press the slot that doesn't say "Members only", it leads you to the make-a-toon screen. Then you can make your toon, and continue onto the game. You MUST click the one that doesn't say "Members only" if you have a free account!

Can i have your toontown test account?