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Yes playstaion online is free,but if you downoad any downloadable content then you will be charged.

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Q: Can you go online on the PS3 for free?
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How much does it cost to go online on ps3?

To go and play online on your PS3 is free. The exception of course is that you do of course have to pay for an internet connection. Also certain online services on PS3 do cost money, such as netflix.

Does Xbox have free online?

No it doesn't that's why you should get the ps3 because ps3 DOES have free online!

Do you pay for broadband with PS3 online?

No, PS3 online is 100% free.

How long is free online for PS3?

Its always free for PS3 owners.

How good is the PS3?

Very good, better than the X-BOX because online is free and comes with the PS3 where in X-BOX you have to pay to go online.

How can you play Call of Duty online for free?

You can only play online for free with a PS3 or xbox360 or a wii. So make an account go to your call of duty game and go to multiplayer go to online connect and there you go your on online mode

What does it cost to play online with PS3?

it's free on ps3 but not on xbox

Does PS3 have free online?

Yes it does unlike the crap Xbox! Ps3 is absolutley free for online doesn't even cost a penny! It's worth it!

What is better PS3 or x box 360?

PS3 because on the ps3 online is free but on x box 360 you gotta pay just to go online and you can watch bbc 3 on ps3 and that why ps3 better than xbox 360 ps3 is also the best because the controls are easier to use.

Does it cost money to play smackdown vs raw 2010 online on the PlayStation 3?

No, PS3 has free online play therefore SvR10 is free to play online on the PS3.

Do you have to pay DC Universe online in PS3?

No the PS3 network is free to play games on

Does online for the ps3 cost anything?

No it's free