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no you cannot give weapons to other players.

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Q: Can you give weapons to other players in the game Crossfire?
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Is crossfire a safe online game?

Yes it's safe many players play this game and no virus or other things to harm your computer.

What is pointblank?

PointBlank Online is a Real FPS Online Game combat games. A game that plays war of weapons, that shows your reality of shooting reactions. Like CrossFire; CrossFire is a game more like Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Condition Zero. But, PointBlank is different, it's realer than CrossFire and Counter Strike. With real money to advance the weapons of yours, to make you stronger and win the wars.

When was Crossfire - video game - created?

Crossfire - video game - was created in 1981.

When did Crossfire - video game - happen?

Crossfire - video game - happened in 1981.

Is crossfire a fun game?

yes, Crossfire is a very entertaining online game.

What is status for in CrossFire?

the status in crossfire, is to show how good you are at the game. IE: First Lieutenant.

How do you fix Crossfire?

simply delete all of its files, then use a uninstaller. Next, re-download Crossfire.. and voila! your crossfire game works. :P

Who is the creator of the game crossfire?

z8 games

What is the best video game on the computer?


Is crossfire free?

Yes, it is a free game.

What type of game is crossfire?

crossfire is a military based first person, online game. It is a first person shooter, actually very fun to play.

What is a players stake in a poker game?

A players stake in a poker game is what the player bets out on the table with other players bets.