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there is one way. ok go to the store check on Club Penguin card jitsu sets, check the code and remember it and click earn prizes type the code and your done

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Q: Can you give me a card jitsu card code that hasn't been used?
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What is the club penguin card jitsu code that hasnt been used?


Can you have a card jitsu code that haven't been used?

yes and no

How to get secret codes for card jitsu when l get this one?

you have to buy card jitsu cards and you get 1 code card

What is the Card Code in order to get new cards for Card Jitsu?

the code tcg2874r5ty3

Do all card jitsu cards come with a code?

yes all jitsu cards come with a code

What is he code to get cardjitsu code that has not been used in club penguin?

You really do want a club penguin card-jitsu code right? So do the ones who actually buy the codes. I am pretty sure they like card-jitsu cards for themselves and will want to use the code themselves. So its useless to ask if somebody can give you a card-jitsu code as no one will do so. All the codes they will give out will either be used or fake. Its true, would YOU want to give it out to anybody else if you got a card-jitsu code?

A club penguin card fire jitsu code that hasn't been used?

you can't find out

Can I have a Card Jitsu code for Club Penguin?


Club penguin card jitsu fire card code not used?


Does anyone have a unused club penguin card jitsu card code?


Unused clubpenguin card jitsu card code emial to


Can someone PLEASE give you a card-jitsu card code?

sure y not