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No Ivysaur cannot evolve from the Leaf Stone you can only evolve it at level 32.

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Q: Can you give a Ivysaur a leaf stone to evolve early?
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Which pokemons can evolve with sun stone?

Gloom can! If you give him/her a sunstone it will evolve into a bellosom. If you give it a leaf stone it will evolve into Vileplume.NOTE: This is for Pokemon '''RUBY'''

How do you evolve minccino after you give it a shiny stone?

You don't give Minccino the Shiny Stone, you have to use it on it for it to evolve into a Cinccino.

What stone does onix evolve with?

he doesnt evolve with a stone you have to give him the metal coat t hold then trade it and it will evolve

Do you have to give Feebas a Water Stone to evolve it?

You do not have to give Feebas a Water Stone to evolve it. To evolve Feebas you need to trade it while it is holding a Prism Scale.

When does exeggucute evolve at?

You have to give it a Leaf Stone, then it'll evolve.

How does rosealia evolve?

give it a shiny stone and it will evolve into roserade.

How do you evolve nuzleaf?

Give him a leaf a leaf stone. He will evolve.

What level does nuzleaf evolve?

He doesn't evolve. Give him a leaf stone he will evolve.

How do you evolve Togetic in Heart Gold?

You give it a Shiny Stone to make it evolve into Togekiss. I guess you give it a Shiny Stone, but I had a level 90 Togetic and it didn't evolve for me.

What lvl does Roselia evolve after you give it a shiny stone?

You don't give it the shiny stone, you use the stone on it.

What level does pikichu evolve?

you give it a thunder stone, it should evolve

When does togetic evolve?

when u give it a shiny stone, it will evolve into togekiss