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the way your able to catch zoroark is to go to celestic town you need to first have Pokemon leaf green instald in your ds and have finished the national pokadex you go to celestic town and use the pokerader but be sure you have a level 72 on you

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Q: Can you get zoroark in Pokemon Diamond?
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Are Zorua and Zoroark legendaries?

No, it's just a rare pokemon to get.Oh and Zoroark is in pokemon black and white. Not Diamond and Pearl.

What type of Pokemon is zoroark?

Zoroark is a Dark type pokemon.

Can you trade the Pokemon Zoroark into Pokemon Platinum?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is finish the game and then you are able to trade any Pokemon. like diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, and soulsliver.

Is zoroark a ledgendary Pokemon?

No, Zoroark is not a legendary Pokémon.

Pokemon HeartGold action replay code for Zoroark?

There's no Action Replay code for Zoroark in Pokemon HeartGold, because Zoroark does not exist in Pokemon HeartGold.

How do you get Zoroark in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't, Zoroark is a Gen 5 Pokemon, and Pokemon Pearl is a Gen 4 Pokemon game.

How many Pokemon are there in the world?

about 470-480 In diamond pearl and platinum there were 493 total.

Does anyone have a hacked Zoroark on diamond pearl platinum heartgold or SoulSilver they would be willing to trade to me?

The data for Zoroark is not included in any part of Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, or Soulsilver's game packs. The information does not exist unless a ROM is hacked and the information of the game is edited. You have to wait for Pokemon Black and White for Zoroark like everyone else.

How do you get zoroark on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Sorry, zoroark is not in Pokemon HG/SS, it is a B/W Pokemon only obtainable in the Unova region

Is Zoroark a lengendray Pokemon?

It is not a legendary Pokemon.

Why is Zoroark the only Pokemon that can transform?

It isn't!Ditto can iswell!But if your only talking about the new Pokemon then yes,Zoroark is the only Pokemon that can transform.

Is zoroark really a legendary Pokemon?

No, Zoroark is not a Legendary Pokémon.