Can you get watermelons on Sims 3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, watermelons can be bought in the local supermarket. If your sims is a keen gardener (or at least willing to dabble a bit in gardening) then watermelons can be planted and can be grown right in your own front yard!
If your sim is pregnant and you're hoping for a girl, eat at least 3 portions of watermelon during her pregnancy, and the chances are you'll end up with a pink baby. Want a blue one instead? Then eat plenty of apples.

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Q: Can you get watermelons on Sims 3?
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How do you have a baby girl on the sims 3 ambitions?

Eat watermelons from the super market

Can you have Sextuplets in Sims 3?

I haven't tested it yet, but someone told me you can have sextuplets by eating six watermelons or six apples OR 3 watermelons and 3 apples and listen to Kids music on the sims radio and watch Kidz zone on sims tv AND get a fertility treatment.Good luck with six kids.

Where do you find watermelons on sims 3?

You can buy them at the supermarket, or, if you have a watermellon or watermellon seeds, you can plant your own.

How do you force a girl on sims 3 world adventures?

you mean to have a girl on the sims 3... eat 3 watermelons and for a boy 3 apples. however doing both does not give you a boy and a girl, which sucks.

How can you increase your chances of giving birth to a baby girl in the sims 3?

Eat three watermelons during your sim's pregnancy :)

How do you get triplets on Sims 3 ambitions?

You Can Either Eat9 Watermelons( Too Have 3 Girls) & 9 Apple ( For Boys ) Or Sims Have a Trait u Can Buy With Lifetime Rewards , ( Fertile Treatment) Hope i Helped ....

Where do you buy watermelons on Sims 2?

I'm not sure if you can buy them but you can grow them in your garden if you have sims 2 seasons.

How do you have a baby girl in the sims 3?

you have to try for baby with your partner. then either hope for a girl or have the female sim eat lots of watermelons

Can you use the cheat forcetwins on sims 3?

No but if you get 10,00(+) Lifetime Reward Points you can purchase a fertitlity treatment and follow these steps: 1.)Grocery Store 2.) Purchase either 10 apples or watermelons (Apples= Boy, Watermelons= Girl Eat 2 of whichever you choose everyday. Ex: 2 watermelons on Tuesday at 3 PM 2 watermelons on Wednesday at 3 PM Hope this helps! Good luck!!

Can you have baby on sims 3 for wii?

You can! Im pritty sure you know the beguinning but heres a cheat for kids 3 watermelons= girl *eat no apples if you want a girl also no pandcakes 3 apples= boy * eat no watermelons The more of the certain fruit you eat the more chance of twins or triplets!

Can you get triplets on the sims 3 on ps3?

if you want all girls: eat lots of watermelons, watch kids channle every chance you get, listen to kids songs on the radio, hang with kids, and if your sims has a childish trait then you'll be able to play with sims toys (sometimes) iif you want all boys: do the same thing except eating watermelons...instead eat all apples if you want both boys and girls: do everything and eat apples and watermelons hope this helps...~lil miss precious~

Is there a way to make a baby boy or a baby girl more likely in sims 3?

Baby Boy - Pregnant Sim eat Apples Baby Girl - Pregnant Sim eat Watermelons.