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U-Pack specializes in long distance moving services with coverage across the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico. A "you pack, we drive" moving solution, U-Pack customers enjoy the cost savings of packing & loading themselves, without having to drive.

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no u cant get the vanity pack for burnout paradise

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Q: Can you get the Burnout Paradise Vanity Pack on PS3?
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What systems does the game Burnout Paradise play on?

You can play Burnout Paradise on XBox 360, PS3, or PC.

How do you get plane in burnout paradise city ps3?

You can't

Is burnout paradise bikes for PS3?

yes it is on both xbox 360 & ps3

Does burnout paradise support a PS3 racing wheel?


How do you get the Burnout Paradise P12 88 Special?

You need to buy it (separatley or as part of a pack) on Burnout Store which can be found in-game by going into the puase menu and pressing R1 (PS3) or RB (Xbox 360).

What ps3 games has the most trophies?

Burnout Paradise 98 trophies

Most trophies in a game PS3?

Burnout Paradise 98 trophies

Will Burnout Paradise for PS3 Big Surf Island Package cost money?

yes it does

How many burnout games were made on ps2?

You can buy all burnout games for ps2 besides paradise and legends. Here is a list of all the ones you can buy; -burnout -burnout 2: point of impact -Burnout 3: takedown -Burnout 4: revenge -Burnout 5: dominator Burnout legends is for psp, and paradise is for xbox, ps3 and pc.

Is there burnout 3 for PS3?

Burnout paradise is a free-roam game, and is the only free roam game in the burnout series. Its very different, and has many more things to do, like find shortcuts, drive throughs, and to unlock new cars you must find them in the city and shut them down, so all in all, it is a good game, and there are good multiplayer challenges, events and DLC.

Where can you get burnout paradise for PS2?

It is not a PS23 game title and is a PC PS3 and Xbox 360 game

How do you get to the underhood menu on burnout paradise on PS3?

You pause and then you press L1 or R1 to change menus.