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It Is Luck To Get Triplets I Usually Get 1 But U Can Get Pregnant On Any Sims 2 Game [On PC] And If U Want Triplets You Need A Cheat "CTRL+SHIFT+C" Brings The Cheat Box Up And This Is The Cheat "ForceTwins" Without The " Then When She Has Her Baby/Babies It Will Say There Is 2 Babies On The Way And She Will Have Twins TA-Da!!

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Q: Can you get pregnant with triplets on the sims 2 double deluxe?
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How do you get your teen sim pregnant on sims 2 double deluxe?

how to get your sims 2 deluxe teen pregnant

Can you get pregnant in sims 2 double deluxe?

Yes, you can get pregnant and have babies.

How does a teen sim get pregnant in sims2 double deluxe?

Their is no way way to make a teenager pregnant on sims 2 double deluxe sorry :)

In what Sims game for the PSP can your sim get Pregnant?

You can get your sim pregnant in Sims 2 Apartment Life and Sims 2 Double Deluxe.

How can you get your teenager pregnant on sims 2 double deluxe?

You can't--only adults can.

What is Cheat codes teens get pregnant in sims 2 double deluxe?


Can Sims get pregnant with triplets on Sims 2?

Yes. If you want your sims to be able to produce triplets, you will need to download a mod.

Can sims double deluxe 2 sim kids get each other pregnant?

No, kids can not get pregnant in any of the games.

How do teens have babies on sims 2 double deluxe?

Teens can only get pregnant if you have Inteen installed.

How do you have triplets on Sims 2 double deluxe?

To make your Sims have triplets, download the Triplets and Quads mod from Simbology: Follow the instructions there, and, if you've installed it correctly, your Sims should be able to have triplets and quadruplets.

Do you need sims 2 for sims 2 double deluxe?

No, Double Deluxe is Sims 2 + Sims 2 Nightlife + Sims 2 Celebration Stuff

What is the double deluxe sims 2?

the sims 2 double deluxe is the sims 2 + the sims 2 nightlife + the sims 2 celebration stuff pack