What is the double deluxe sims 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the sims 2 double deluxe is the sims 2 + the sims 2 nightlife + the sims 2 celebration stuff pack

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Q: What is the double deluxe sims 2?
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Do you need sims 2 for sims 2 double deluxe?

No, Double Deluxe is Sims 2 + Sims 2 Nightlife + Sims 2 Celebration Stuff

How do you use sims 2 double deluxe if you all ready have sims 2?

Uninstall the Sims 2 you already have and then install Double Deluxe

Do the babies grow on sims double deluxe?

Sims 2 double deluxe? yes sims 2 children grow up.

Will sims 2 double deluxe install sims 2 seasons?

No, it won't. Sims 2 Double Deluxe installs the expansions "Celebration!" and "Nightlife".

Can you have babies in the sims 2 double deluxe for gamecub?

u can have babies on sims 2 double deluxe even twins

What are the game that can install sims 2 seasons?

it has to be one of these to install it: sims 2 deluxe, sims 2 double deluxe, sims 2 holiday, and the sims 2.

What is the difference between Sims 2 Deluxe and Sims 2 Double Deluxe?

The sims 2 Delux is The sims 2 + Nightlife.The sims 2 Double Delux is The sims 2 + Nightlife + Celebration stuff pack.Hope this helps !

How many discs are in Sims double deluxe?

There are 2 discs in Sims 2 Double Deluxe. 1 for the game itself, the other for extra tips and tricks. ((the sims TWO double deluxe? I only have one..)

How do you get your teen sim pregnant on sims 2 double deluxe?

how to get your sims 2 deluxe teen pregnant

How do you abuse sims on sims 2 double deluxe?

Sims can not be abused.

Can you play Sims 2 University with the Sims 2 double deluxe?

Yes you can. Just Make sure that you have installed the sims 2 double deluxe first, then install Universty.

Where is the code for Sims 2 double deluxe?

The code is on the back of the booklet inside the case. I know because I have The Sims 2 Double Deluxe.