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I believe the maximum number of berry pots you can have is four. I have SoulSilver, and I've beat it (except for getting the extra legendaries besides Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Groundon, and Dialga... through trading).

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Q: Can you get more berry pots in HeartGold?
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How many berry pots do you get in heartgold?

austinb. here, u only get 4 hope it helps

When do you water the berrys in HeartGold?

Go to key items and go to berry pots plant a berry. when the soil around the berries goes dry water it.

Where do you get the berry pot in HeartGold Pokemon?

After catching or defeating the Sudowoodo, a lady from the Flower Shop will give you the Berry Pots item. The Berry Pots allow you to plant berries inside of them. She'll also give you 3 Oran Berries and 3 Pecha Berries to get you started.

Do berry pots in Pokemon HeartGold last forever?

No, dirrectly said nothing lasts forever. For excample think, will there even be Pokemon heart and gold in 1m years??

What does the squirt bottle in do in Pokemon HeartGold?

you go to that shaking tree near route 36 to battle (and possibly catch) a sudowoodo. after this and receiving the berry pots, you can use it to water the berries you grow.

What is the berry pots for in Pokemon soul silver?

The berry pots are for planting berries. By planting berries you can grow more of them. Just be sure to water them regularly, and pick them as soon as the plant bears fruit, or else it might wither before you get the chance.

How do berry pots work in SoulSilver?

just click on a berry pot and it will ask you to choose a berry to plant. after planting the berry, water it and the berry will grow as you walk so make sure you check the berry pots every once in a while. after the berries have grown and been picked you can do this process all over again. and the best part is that you get four pots and in the flower shop in goldenrod city you can buy mulch for them!

Where can you find a Oran berry tree in heart gold?

there are no berry trees in HG and SS you get an item called Berry Pots that you can use to grow berries.

How long does it take berries to grow in the berry pots in soul silver?

Actually it depends how how much you care for it and for what type of berry it is.

What does the red shard do in Pokemon HeartGold?

The red shard can be given to the guy next to the Pokemon center for a cheri berry,a pecha berry and a leppa berry.

Where the berry pots are in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you get them by talking to someone in goldenrod city

How long do the effects of mulch last in Pokemon HeartGold?

one berry