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i don't thick you can because his on a different island

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Q: Can you get mew on LeafGreen without glitches or mystic ticket can you get mew normal?
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What is the antonym of mystic?

Natural, normal, common, known

Where do you get the mystic ticket?

The Mystic Ticket is no longer available through an event and it is unobtainable during normal or post-end gameplay. You will need to use GameShark or other cheating devices to get the Mystic Ticket currently.

Where do you get a mystic ticket?

You cannot get the Mystic Ticket during normal gameplay, for it was a Mystery Gift/Event item. You would need to use an Action Replay or a GameShark with the correct code to get this item.

What Pokemon learn thief in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Most dark types or normal types.

How do you get out of minus world?

You can't, sadly. You can't escape it without dying (touching an enemy when you're Normal Mario, letting time run out). But, it is a cool parlor trick to show your friends, and one of the best video game glitches evber!!

How do you get from one island to the normal towns in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go back down to the port, the ship is waiting for you there.

How do you get to the 8island in FireRed?

"Sevii Isles 8 and 9 are locations which are not accessible through normal gameplay in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen ... it seems as if they are abandoned areas left over from the beta of FireRed and LeafGreen"

Where do the Pokemon you trade from Pokemon LeafGreen into ruby end up?

If you trade Pokemon between leafgreen and ruby ruby will have your leafgreen Pokemon and leafgreen will have the ruby Pokemon both in the party they will not be sent to the PC unless you personally walk to the PC and do so.

Where is the mystic rhythm for sonic on sonic adventure 2 battle?

in his last level you have to jump onto a rail that is slightly of the normal path

Is vegito stronger than gohan?

Well Vegito is obviously way stronger than Gohan even if it was Mystic Gohan. If Mystic Gohan were to fight Vegito in his Base/Normal form,he would have probably scored 1 punch by surprise.

Is double edge a special attack or just normal attack in Pokemon leafgreen?

Double Edge is a physical attack.

Will your Pokemon heal when you get to your rival in LeafGreen?

No, it is considered a normal Pokemon battle. Does your poekmon heal every time you get to a trainer? no.