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Q: Can you get into the puffle training room on club penguin?
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Where is the puffle training room on club penguin DS mode?

The training room is in the dojo. Click on the back wall(s) of the dojo then a puzzle will appear. Match the golden puffle pin to the correct SAME pin and the secret puffle training room door will open! ~Winner 25321

How do you get the golden puffle in Club Penguin?

There is no golden puffle on Club Penguin. If you read about it in the Book Room, it says at the end it was a BLUE puffle that fell into a bucket of gold paint.

Where is the white puffle pin on club penguin?

in the book room

Which club penguin room does not have music in it?

town, puffle shop,

Where is the bigger propeller for the green puffle on club penguin?

In the gadget room.

Where is the yellow puffle On club penguin elp for the ds?

It is in the book room in the coffee shop.

Were is the training room on club penguin elite penguin force?

in the wardrobe

How do you get in the secret room in the hidden lake on club penguin?

You completely finish the puffle game and you get a key.

In club penguin what is the name of rockhoppers puffle?

Rockhopper's puffle's name is Yarr. Proof is in his journal in the Book Room, which is up the stairs in the Coffee Shop. Answered by the penguin: Jellyfish33

How do you find the secret agent headquarters on club penguin during a puffle party on club penguin?

You can find the secret agent headquarters through the EPF room in the ski village.

Club penguin mission 5 where is flare the black puffle on the Nintendo ds?

He is in the dojo puffle training room! You then have to go to the town and get the postcard from aunt artic. then get the pen from in the pile of coffee beans in the shop. put them together and get them signed. HOPE IT WORKS!!!!!

Why is there a yellow puffle in the new room at the cave on Club Penguin?

It is the yellow puffle from the stage. Also known as the keeper of the stage. It has wandered in there with other puffles and got trapped.