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you can but only if you unlock fame level11

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Q: Can you get fifa ultimate team on wii?
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Will FIFA 12 on nintendo wii have ultimate team?

Yes it should do

How do to unlock your FIFA 12 ultimate team account?

unlock my fifa 12 ultimate team

Will ultimate team be in FIFA 14?

Yes, Fifa 14 will have Ultimate team on every system

Why cant you find fifa 12 ultimate team on Nintendo wii?

Because the Nintendo Wii system is too low in memory to hold such a massive database.

Will there be ultimate team on FIFA 11?

Yes, there is ultimate team on FIFA 11, which is a super fun game!

How do you get fifa 11 ultimate team if you dont have fifa 10 ultimate team?

Download it from PlayStation Network

How do you use FIFA 12 ultimate team for xbox on computer?

Type in on Google "FIFA ultimate team" and click on the first suggestion and that leads you to the FIFA ultimate team online web app.

How do you get on fifa 12 ultimate team?

click on the ultimate team option

Can you keep your ultimate team from FIFA 2009 in FIFA 2010?

Currently, work is going on for FIFA 09 Ultimate Team saves to be transferred to FIFA 10. Whether or not you need to re-purchase Ultimate Team for 10, it's unclear, but it may be possible to use 09's Ultimate Team on 10.

Can you get fifa 10 ultimate team on psp?

i'm afraid not. It is only available on ps3, xbox 360, ds/dsi, pc and wii

Will there be ultimate team on FIFA 10?

YES because fifa ultimate team is mint <><><><><><><><> Hey, I was watching a Video for Fifa 10 about a month ago, and as they scrolled down the Menus, in "Game Modes" it said Ultimate Team, i contacted EA about Ultimate Team and they have confirmed that Ultimate Team will be avalible for Download on the Xbox 360 Marketplace and PS3 Store around Christmas. However they did not confirm if there was going to be a price for Ultimate Team. Although i have read on IGN, that the people who payed for Ultimate Team on FIFA 09, will be able to purchace UT on FIFA 10 for FREE. <><><><><><><><><>

Is there FIFA 12 ultimate on Wii?

Yes, it is due to be released for the WII on September 26th, 2011.