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No, that is a PC only feature.

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Q: Can you get an oblivion construction set for the PS3?
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How do you add a custom voice to an oblivion race?

construction set

How do you make mods for the elder scrolls IV oblivion?

elder scrolls 4 construction set latest update for construction set latest update for oblivion use construction set to make mods WARNING!!!!!!!!!! the construction set will not work if oblivion hasn't been updated, but there is usually an error in the update process, you will be able to make mods, but a certain error may occur (in my case the texture for the ground went purple (still 3d tho))

Is the TES construction set included in the TES 4 Oblivion game of the year edition?

the tes4 construction set is not included in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion game of the year edition but you can download it from:

How do you get The Elder Scrolls IV Construction set on Oblivion?

By going to a game cheating website.

Oblivion cheats for PS3?

No there are not.

Can you use the Oblivion Construction Set without having Oblivion installed on your computer?

yup, but you wont have any textures/models/objects/scripts or events, you have to make em

Can you get oblivion for the PS3 in England?

Yes its called 'oblivion the game of the year edition'

Does oblivion come for the PS2?

No, oblivion only comes for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

Open oblivion map PS3?


What beast can you be in oblivion on PS3?

Well argonians and khajitts are both classed as beast or animals so you can be both of those "beasts" on the PS3 version of oblivion

What system is oblivion on?

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion is available on Xbox 360 and PC and PS3

When is oblivion scrolls 5 coming out on ps3?

The game The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and not Oblivion will be out November 11 2011 for the PS3 PC and Xbox 360