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Q: Can you get an alien baby on sims life stories?
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How do you have or make a baby for sims life stories for ps2?

The Sims Life Stories is not even a PS2 game and is a PC/Mac game

Can a sim have alien baby in pet stories?

No they cant, but in the Sims 2 PC and mac, Console, Nintendo DS, and in the Sims 3: Seasons

How do you get a sim baby on The Sims 2 pets?

you can't have a baby in the sims 2 pets its only in the sims 2 life stories,the sims 2 apartment life,the sims 2 seasons, and the sims 2 university

Can you have a baby on The Sims 2 for the ps2?

No. You can only have a baby on Sims Bustin Out for PS2. But, if you have a Windows or Mac, then you can get Sims 2 for it, then you can have a baby. Or Sims Life Stories. Either way. Hope I helped.

How do you make your baby on Sims Life Stories grow faster?

stretch it or sit on it

In sims life stories what life stages are there?

baby, toddler, child , teenager, adult, elder

How do you get an alain baby on Sims 3?

You can't get alien baby's on Sims 3, only on Sims 2.

What is the sims life stories?

The Sims Life Stories is yet another Sims computer game. You have to fulfill their Life Stories this time!

What happens when a male sims 2 alien gets abducted does he have a normal baby?

No, he has an alien baby.

Do you need The Sims Life Stories to install The Sims Stories?

Yes you must get the sims life stories game to install it

Can you have a horse on sims life stories?

you can't have pets in sims life stories

Where can you play Sims Life Stories?

Sims life stories is designed for laptops.