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No way, unless you hack it.

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Q: Can you get a snivy in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get snivy in platinum?

Trade with someone who has Black or White to get Snivy.

What is snivy?

Snivy is a grass type Pokemon.

How do you catch snivy on poke'mon platinum?

you can't fool. snivy is gen 5 and platinum is gen 4. you must really be a noob to ask that

What type is snivy?

Snivy is a grass type Pokemon.

What are the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott.

How do you get snivy in Pokemon Black?

There are only a few ways to get a Snivy in Pokemon Black:1.) Obviously, you can choose Snivy as your starter Pokemon in the beginning2.) You can go to the Global Trade Link (which can be accessed in any Pokemon Center on the 2nd floor) and trade one of your Pokemon for Snivy OR you can trade a pokemon for either a Servine or a Serperior and breed it to get a baby Snivy.

How do you get a snivy?

You can get a snivy as your starter pokemon or breed a snivy/servine or a serpier with a ditto at the daycare Hope this helps:)

Where could you find a girl snivy?

When you choose a starter Pokemon if you choose snivy, you might get a female snivy.

When does snivy evolve in Pokemon black?

Snivy evolves at level 16

What Pokemon is number 1 in Pokemon black?


Is snivy the Pokemon a girl?

It is mostly a male, but it also has a low chance of being a female. In the Pokemon episodes, the Snivy that Ash have is a female.

How do you get Snivy in Pokemon white?

It is one of the three starter Pokemon