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Yes. Get the national pokedex and go to the palpark.Put firered or other Pokemon games for GBA in the gameboy slot of the DS. Then go to the main menu and choose "MIGRATE FROM FIRERED'. Choose six Pokemon to migrate. You cannot migrate Pokemon in your party. Then talk to the man at the counter and start catching the Pokemon you migrated.

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not a chance

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Q: Can you get Pokemon from FireRed to pearl?
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Can you trade pokemon from fire red to Pokemon Pearl?

You cannot "trade" pokemon between Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon Pearl. Instead, pokemon from Pokemon FireRed Version can be transferred to Pokemon Pearl via Pal Park.

Can you send caught pearl Pokemon to firered?


Where do you find Zapdos on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get Zapdos on Pokemon Pearl or Diamond but you can migrate it from Pokemon LeafGreen or Pokemon FireRed.

How do you get a sandshrew on Pokemon Pearl?

Sandshrew is not obtainable in Pokemon pearl/diamondzsemicolumz it must b migrated from Pokemon leafgreen/firered.

In Pokemon pearl how do you get Bulbasaur?

get firered or leafgreen and migrate it to pearl after national pokedex

How do you get Snorlax in Pokemon pearl?

trade from firered or leafgreen

Where to get Charmander on Pokemon pearl?

migrate from firered or leafgreen

Where do you get lavitar on pearl in Pokemon?

migrate from firered or leafgreen

What game came out after Pokemon FireRed?

dimond and pearl

Can you get the magma stone pearl on Pokemon FireRed?

get heatran

Where do you get a electrolizer in Pokemon FireRed?

The electrolizer is not available in Pokemon FireRed. The electrolizer is only available in Pokemon Pearl, and can be found when an elekid is holding one.

Where do you catch regigegas on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot catch it on Pokemon firered only on diamond pearl and thhe new one Pokemon platinum