Can you get Minecraft on a Dsi XL?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No you cannot get minecraft on a DSI XL. In fact you cannot get Minecraft on any Nintendo console.

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Q: Can you get Minecraft on a Dsi XL?
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Does the Nintendo DSi charger fit the Nintendo DSi XL?

yes a dsi charger fits a dsi XL and a dsi XL fits the dsi

How much is the DSi and the DSi XL?

UK: DSi - £129.99 Dsi XL - £169.99 - £189.00 US: DSi - (approx) $149.99 DSi XL - $189.99

Is there a black DSI XL?

no their is not a black dsi XL

Does a DSI fit in a DSI XL case?

No, the dsi XL has a bigger screen than the dsi.

Will the DSi charger work on the DSi XL?

Yes, the DSi charger is the same as the DSi XL.

Can ttds chips go into DSI XL?

No they can not go into dsi XL or dsi. There is a possibility that the system will break. But there is a dsi or dsi XL TTDS like chips.

Why do they call a dsi XL a dsi XL?

The XL stands for 'eXtra Large'.

Can you use DSI games with DSI XL?

Of course!!! The dsi XL is just a bigger version of the dsi.

Witch is better the Dsi or Dsi XL?

Dsi XL I have got one because I traded my DSI in

Can you print from a DSI XL?

You cannot print from a DSi XL.

Where will you get Nintendo dsi XL in Dubai?

where will you get nintendo dsi xl

Do the DSi and the DSi XL have the same intro screen?

Kind of..., except the dsi XL has a Xl symbol beside of The dsi symbol on the top screen.