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yes you can. just type minecraft and download it.

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Q: Can you get Minecraft app on the Kindle Fire?
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Can you play poptropica on the Kindle Fire?

Yes you can you download the 4shared app from the amazon app market then search minecraft PE or Minecraft Pocket edition and you have minecraft

Can you play pokerstars on Kindle Fire?

No, there is not a Kindle Fire app.

Is there a game like Minecraft for the Kindle Fire?

Minecraft IS on the Kindle Fire if you really want to download it.

Is there an app on Movie Star Planet for Kindle Fires?

there is not an app for moviestarplanet on the kindle fire because i think you have to scan a code off of the screen and the kindle fire does not have a camera hope this helped

How do you get to the Kindle App Store?

On your Kindle Fire, go to the Amazon Appstore. Search for the app you want to download, and then click 'Buy Now' or 'Get Now' to get the app.

Is the Kindle Fire have a app or games that is called water slide?

yes there is an app called water slide on the kindle fire

Is there an ooVoo app for Kindle Fire?

No, becuase the kindle fire does not have a built in microphone and because my GF has a kindle fire and she can't get it

Can you get 4 pics one word for the Kindle Fire?

yes i have a kindle fire and the app

How do you make a video on a Kindle Fire?

To make a video on your Kindle Fire HD, firstly get the "HD camera (Kindle Fire tablet edition)" app on your Kindle. Use the camcorder on the app to record your video. To watch your video, press the back button and go to Personal Videos on the app.

Is there an Impractical Jokers app for the Kindle Fire?

if you have a kindle fire which I'm using now then search into the app store but if not you may want to type into google kindle fire app store click the first one NOT THE ADD and then search for (impractical jokers)

Is there a pixie hollow app for Kindle Fire?


Is the moviestarplanet app on Kindle Fire?