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Yes and no. If it says to for the cards effect or other card effect, then yes. Otherwise, no you must be given the ability to via card play.

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Q: Can you equip a token to a monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?
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If you equip a spirit monster with a spell equip card what happens to that equip card when the spirit monster returns to your hand?

The equip spell is sent to the graveyard and the monster returns to your hand as usual :)

What good spell cards to power up dragon type monster for yugioh?

I run a very good dragon deck and the only equip card I run is Axe of Despair. 1000 attack.

When you equip your monster to your opponent's monster where does your monster card go in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Same as when you use a regular Equip Spell card on the opponent's monster, the monster acting as an Equip Spell Card goes to your own S/T zone.

Do your equips go to your opponents side of the field?

No, even if your Equip cards Equip to your opponent's monster, or if your monster who has an Equip card has control switched to the opponent, the Equip card itself remains on your side of the field.

In the Yugioh trading card game are tokens rare?

nobody knows if there are a token monster card. there r and they have 0 atk and def effect is it has the effect of wat the moster says like dandylion and horseytail

Is nitro homogeneous person a homogeneous monster in yugioh?

no it is not...

Yugioh if you take control of a oppents monster and attack a monster stroger then it who takes the damage?

You do.

When you equip an equip card onto an opponents monster do they gain control of the equip card?

No, the Equip card stays on your side of the field, and is under your control.

Where is Captain Moodys monster token?

The token is in aghast by the mast part 3

Do you have to equip Flint to your monster if your opponent's monster equipped with your Flint has been destroyed?

As long as there is a valid target, Flint will trigger and re-equip to a monster after the previous equip target is destroyed. That may mean it has to equip one of your own monsters, you can't just decide not to allow it to come back, it does so as a mandatory effect as long as there is indeed something it can equip to.

Can you equip your Set monster with an Equip Spell Card?

No, face-down monsters cannot be equipped.

Yugioh Ancient Gear Castle question If you have one token already on the card from a previous summon can you use that token to summon a 5 - 6 star ancient gear monster and get a tribute token from it?

You do not remove the counter for the summon, you tribute Ancient Gear Castle itself. So imagine you have Ancient Gear Castle with one counter. You can tribute it for a Lv5/6 Ancient Gear monster - but since Ancient Gear Castle is now gone, it cannot gain another counter.