Can you dress your puffle

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you can dress them up but they only have hats and tiaras for them.

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Q: Can you dress your puffle
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How do you dress up like a puffle in club penguin?

To get the tuxedo,ummm its actually gone now!srry ppl

How do you dress a puffle on club penguin?

You would have to go to the gift shop and look for a catalog and sometimes they sell clothes or hats for your puffle

What does your puffle want on club penguin?

food toys grooming and you can dress it (optional)

Is there a real golden puffle on club penguin?

no, but g is still searching for the golden puffle as said in secreat mission waddle squad

What order did puffles come in?

red. pink puffle Green Puffle Purple Puffle Yellow Puffle White Puffle Orange Puffle Brown Puffle

Which puffle goes with which game?

Pink puffle- Aqua Grabber Black puffle- Cart Surfer Green puffle- Jet Pack Adventure Red puffle- Dance Contest Yellow Puffle- DJ3K Red Puffle- Surfing Brown Puffle- Puffle Maker All Puffles- Puffle Launcher

What are the names of the club penguin elite puffles?

black puffle: flare red puffle: blast pink puffle: loop blue puffle: bouncer green puffle: flit purple puffle: pop yellow puffle: chirp white puffle: chill

Can animals be secret agents?

On Club Penguin? Well if you dress up as an animal you can. There is only 1 puffle agent on the website, Flare. You need Herbert's revenge to unlock him and have him as your puffle. In real life, I think somebody has been watching too much Phineas and Ferb...

When will there be a new puffle in Club Penguin?

i heard that the puffle party there will be a orange puffle and soon a rainbow puffle

What puffle is the sweetist puffle?

The Blue Puffle, and the White Puffle. Blue: nice White: shy, cute.

Is there an magenta puffle?

No, there is not a magenta puffle. Although, there is a purple puffle and a pink puffle for sale. :) I hope this helped.

Which puffles play games with you on clubpenguin?

Red Puffle- Catchin Waves Black Puffle- Cart Surfing Pink Puffle- Aqua Grabber Yellow Puffle- DJ3K Purple Puffle- Dance Contest Green Puffle- Jet Pack Adventure Any Puffle- Puffle Launcher