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No, you can't download zwinky on a mac. Wondering why? It's because mac computers don't use exe files and it has DOS mode. Therefore you can not download zwinky on a mac.

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Q: Can you download zwinky with a Mac computer?
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What happens when you download a zwinky?

IT usually makes your Computer Slow

How do you free download zwinky?

To download zwinky you just in ur address bar u type in zwinky in Google og something then click join now and u do as it says and on zwinky i am limegreenamdblack101 so ill c u there!!!!!!!!!!!

What should you download to play games on zwinky?

NOTHING! DONT PLAY! its a virus, and it ruined my computer!!!!!!

How do you get Zwinky on Mac? Visit this URL : You can clearly get zwinky on a Mac. If you happen to buy this disk, you can use Windows on a Mac as well. Hope this helped. -Addictx Add me on zwinky(;

Why wouldn't zwinky download?

you don't really have to download zwinky to play it cuz i didn't

How do you save a download to a mac computer?

press download then save simple pimple.

How do you regurster on zwinkycom?

To register on Zwinky, you need to download it. You can't play Zwinky unless you download it. After you downloaded Zwinky, you can register and create your own Zwinky! After that, you can have all the fun you want!

How do you install Zwinky toolbar?

You go onto the internet and the Google .type in zwinky download.then click on the download button.go to Ur computer click on either run or save.then play

Why is it when you press open wardrobe on zwinky it takes foreverto download and never sHow is up?

This will only happen if you have a slow computer, or your clicking orders are backed up. Zwinky has nothing to do with your wardrobe doing such a thing. I know, mine will do that sometimes but only if my laptop is acting slow. =D Sorry. So check out your computer! Maybe Zwinky is too much of a download for it? HEY! Also try having ONLY Zwinky up. That will help the connection!

Should you download zwinky?

yes you should it is really fun but there is a lot of viruses and things that make your computer slow.

Is Skype aready on a mac computer?

no, you have to download it of first

Can you mod your gamerscore with A Mac Computer?

You can not with a mac unless you download bootcamp or vmware fusion with enables you to download and use windows or pc software.