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Yes, you can. You have to go to the help button on Petpet park's home menu then click on it. Once you did that, click on Request Support and click on either one of the three options. I would suggest clicking on Submit a Ticket. Then fill in the information needed.. Hope this helped!

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Q: Can you delete an account on Petpet Park?
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Do you have a petpet park account?

You can use your Neopets account for PetPet park.

Can you delete a your petpet from petpet park?

Well, kind of. If you are mean on PetPet Park, like say you said a bad word, and a message will pop up saying your account has frozen. If that happens more than like 6 times, your account will be permanently frozen.

What is up with the delete sighn in Petpet Park?

well if you click on it it will delete petpet park and you need to talk with the petpet that gives you information(winsela)and she will give you a free thing. Its silly hat and then you see a yellow dot and then press it and petpet park will be back.

On petpet park do you have homes?

You do have homes but I dont know how to get one, but I do have an account at Petpet Park.

In Petpet Park How do you delete clothes?

Go to the vault and drag it into the trash can.

What is the password and username to petpet park?

You must create an account to get in the park. Hacking or any sort of password sharing is against the Terms of Use in Petpet Park and can lead to a permanent termination to your account.

How do you make another petpet on Petpet Park on neopets?

The only way you can is by making another neopets account.

Can you use a members account on Petpet Park?

yes you can but you have to have a member

How do you get two pets at Petpet Park?

You make another account.

How do you make another petpet on petpet park?

To make a new Petpet, simply just register and create a new account. Just be sure to make only 5 accounts as Petpet Park does not want users to create more then 5 accounts.

Where is the petpet plaza on petpet park?

The Petpet Plaza is found by easily looking in your map on Petpet park.

How do you get 4 pets in Petpet Park?

You can't in one account. But that may change in the future. :)