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Q: Can you convert the images from a DSi to the computer?
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Can you save pictures from the art academy dsi game to your computer?

If you buy the game in the shops, no. You cannot save your image on to your computer. But, if you buy the game online on the DSi Shop built into your DSi, you can save your images to the SD card and post them to Facebook.

How do you put CD music on your dsi?

import it into your computer and then convert it to acc format. its quite simple

Can you download images to your DSi on the internet?

you can put them on facebook but mostly you must put the sd card inot a computer to get the pictures.

Can you download images to your DSi?

The DSi cannot handle the download of images via its browser, nor is it able to read images copied to the SD card on a PC.

Where can you find a dsi picture?

You can find a DSi picture on Google images heres how you do it: Go to Google, then click images which is in the top left hand corner of the screen. It then should come up with Google images. That's when you type in DSi

How do you get the iDsi Browser for the dsi?

You will have to wait till DSiTube comes out for the DSi and the link will be ready. Make sure to go on this site on your computer because it will not work on the dsi browser. Second Response: Actualy you email this guy with the browser and he will email you back with the download his email OR if you don't want to download anything just go to it uses a converter to convert videos into GIF images that play on the DSi (note: there is NO sound but they are working on closed captioning)

Do you have to format the dsi to put music on the dsi?

No, you need to get Itunes in your computer, then put or buy music on Itunes, Then click on a song, then click convert to acc file, then put ur sd card into ur computer, then put the music in the sd card

Is it posable to put music on a dsi with a mac computer?

yes, if you have a card reader. In fact, Itunes is the best program to convert the songs with.

Can you remove the 3d effect off of the dsi?

The Nintendo DSi is not capable of displaying 3D images.

Can you download images from your Nintendo dsi internet into the system?

You can download images to your system by hooking up a USB cord to the DSi and the other end to the other system!

Can you go on miniclip on a dsi?

No, you can only see images and text on the dsi browser not videos or flash animations/games.

Can you convert club Nintendo stars to dsi points?

Yes, -ish First you must convert your stars to points. Then go to add Nintendo DSi points on the DSi (who would have guessed?) then get the screen that has your code on it and type it in. Simples