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You can download images to your system by hooking up a USB cord to the DSi and the other end to the other system!

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Q: Can you download images from your Nintendo dsi internet into the system?
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How do you go on the internet on dsi?

you go to system settings, and go to internet, or, you can download the Nintendo dsi browser from the dsi store for free.

Does the Nintendo DS have an Internet broswer like the DSI system?


Can you transfer photos from the internet into a Nintendo DSi?

Unfortunately, as of right now, no. While the DSi will allow you to download photos online to places like Facebook, the way the system is set up it will not allow you to download them. The same way it wont let you download Java, Flash, or Shockwave to better display web content. GET ON THE BALL NINTENDO!!!

When was the Nintendo 3DS internet browser released?

The Internet Browser was made available as part of the Nintendo eShop system update on June 7th, 2011.

How do you download flash player on the Nintendo DSi system?

you cant... the dsi's hardware is not strong enough. ( plus why would they let you play games on the internet when they made games for the dsi?) ... I wish the could let us able to download it. :( actually you can go on youtube and watch other videos on the Nintendo 3ds!:)

Is their going to be a Nintendo system with internet access?

the wii has a downloadable broswer.

How do you ds download to the Nintendo Wii?

you can't. the DS is a completely different system.

How do you take internet off 3DS?

You can delete the internet connection settings in the Nintendo 3DS System Settings.

Were to download a Game Boy emulator that works?

there r no game boy emulators only super Nintendo entertainment system or Nintendo entertainment system. or snes or nes

What is better Nintendo DSi XL game system or Nintendo DSi game system?

Nintendo DSi XL is defenitly better vecause it is bigger and has more applications on it, also its easier to log on to the internet on it.

Where is sky pillar in Pokemon diamond?

In the Nintendo Download System (DS)'s Ass!

Where can you play the first starfox on the internet?

You'll need to download a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Emulator, along with the Starfox ROM. You can also get a ROM for the cancelled (but still finished) Starfox 2.