Can you change psp menu

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No only if you put cfw (custom firmware) on it by hacking.

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Q: Can you change psp menu
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How do you change the language setting on psp?

in the settings menu...

How do you change language on Simpsons game psp?

go to the menu

Is there a web browser for the PSP?

Yes, there is a Web Browser for the Sony PSP. It is located under the 'Internet' Menu of the XMB (PSP Menu).

Where is the MXB on your PSP menu?

It is XMB, Xross Media Bar. It is the scrollbar with the menu options, on your PSP's 'desktop'.

How do you play FF7 disc 2 on the psp?

To play FF7's disc 2 on the PSP press the home button to bring up a menu while the game is running. This menu should have a disc option allowing you to change discs.

How do you get your psp to read games?

You mean UMD's Yea? Well you go to games on the psp menu then click on UMD

How do you download games onto the PSP?

You access the PSN from the PSP's menu bar.

How you download Yoshi island game for psp?

It's on the PSN, you access it from the PSP menu.

How can you download PSP games to your PSP 3000 6.30 firmware and play?

You can access the PSN from the PSP's menu, you can purchase games from there and download them to the PSP.

What is the psp download game sight?

It's not a site as such, you access the PSN from the PSP's menu.

Where is the settings butten on the PSP 3000?

There is no settings button on the psp, the setting are on the main menu.

Do you have to pay for the psp menu bar?

No, it's that scrollable menu you see when you switch the PSP on, you don't have to pay anything additional to get it, it's part of the firmware.