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Yes, if you know the password.

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Q: Can you change Xbox family settings to something else?
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How do you get your fifa 12 created 12 team to download onto your xbox It says on your xbox you have to change your family settings what should you do?

You will have a restriction on your Xbox. The family settings allows a parent or guardian to control how you play the xbox. I would recommend you taking off the family settings and trying again. If works, you can put the family settings back on again.

How do you take off your family timer on the xbox without knowing the passcode?

The password feature is used for people who try and change settings without permission. There is no way to change any family settings on Xbox 360 without the password.

How do you get the family settings code for xbox 360?

There are many settings that you can get to while on the Xbox 360 that will allow you to see family settings and parental controls. To get there, you can go to the settings screen in the console control section.

How do you get rid of family settings on xbox?

What you do is click the xbox button and go over to system settings. Then here's the tricky part, in system settings there is family settings, click on that and put in the 4-diget code. If you pass that just click off and save & quit. For CONTENT FAMILY SETTINGS go to My Xbox and go to the picture of your avatar. Once you click on that go over one and click that. You can change as many as you want, but you need to know the word password.

Your Xbox disconnects you from Xbox live but its not your connection what is it?

It may be your family settings or your xbox may need to update a game, which momentarily disconnects you from xbox live, but signs you in after it is complete. but i would suggest checking the family settings.

How do you unlock explicit content on xbox live?

When you go to family settings, it will probably ask you for a password. Get the person who set up the account to put in their password and change the settings

What is the family settings pass code on xbox 360?

Whatever your family has set it to be.

How do you change your age on xboxlive?

unfourtuneatly you can not but if you are trying to disable family settings the recent xbox live update will allow to turn it off

How many combinations is there for family settings on Xbox 360?


Change the language on fifa 2010 Xbox 360?

go to settings , then gameplay settings

How do you check when your son has played xbox?

I suggest you set a family timer, which can be found in the family settings menu of your xbox 360. hope this helps!

What to do if forgotten family settings password on xbox 360?

Hey im only nine years old if your older than me tell me how to do it because ijust put in an xbox game and the family settings password poped up its driving me nuts ive been at it for an hour!