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No but in violet city you can catch it's evolution poliwhirl with the old rod

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Q: Can you catch poliwag with an old rod?
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Can you catch a poliwag with an old rod in leaf green?


Where do you go to get poliwag with the old rod in Pokemon Blue?

You can not catch a Poliwag with an old rod. The only thing that you can catch with an old rod is a Magikarp. You need at least a good rod to catch a Poliwag. To get the good rod you will need to go to the house near the Warden House in Fuschia City. A fisherman will then give it to you. With it you will travel to Cerulean City and go to Bill's house and fish right by his house, you will then find a Poliwag.

Where to catch poliwag on Pokemon Pearl?

You can catch it in route 225, in the water, but make sure to use good rod not super rod or old rod

What rod is used to catch poliwag?

Poliwag is not catchable in Ruby, Saphire or Emerald.

With what rod you can catch poliwag in Pokemon fire red?

good rod or super rod next to bills house.You can also catch a Poliwhirl there.Poliwag is not in leafgreen you get horsea instead via the good rod and super rod. To get poliwag trade one from firered.

Where do you catch a poliwag in Pokemon Yellow?

Good Rod in Safari Zone

Where do you catch poliwag in platinum?

Poliwag is a water type of Pokémon. To catch one in Pokémon Diamond Pearl and Platinum, fish with a good rod on Sinnoh Route 225.

Can you get poliwag by fishing with an old rod in Pokemon Blue version?


How do you catch a poliwag on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to the Safari Zone. Use a Good Rod to find one.

How do do you catch a water Pokemon in Pokemon tower defense?

You can get water Pokemon in Cerulean Gym 1 if you have old rod. You can get Poliwag in Route 5. I only played that far.

Where can you find poliwag in Pokemon SoulSilver?

To find a Poliwag in Soul Silver, just use your old rod in the water in the Ruins of Alph. The first time I put my rod in the water, I caught one! :)

Can you get poliwag with old rod in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes u can just be patient..:p