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No. Once a Pokemon faints you can't catch him.


No. Once a Pokemon faints you can't catch him.


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Q: Can you catch Kyogre if you killed him once?
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If your to late to catch kyogre where else would he be?

you can only find kyogre once

Can you still get Kyogre after you killed it in the cave of sootopolis in Pokemon sapphire?

No. Once you battle and defeat Kyogre you it's gone for good. Sorry.

Where do you catch Kyogre in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can only catch Kyogre when you have HeartGold.

Can you catch Kyogre in SoulSilver?

No, you cannot catch Kyogre in "Pokémon SoulSilver."

Can you re-battle Kyogre after you battle Rayquaza on Pokemon Heart Gold?

Depends if you've saved you're game before battling kyogre.

Where do you catch Kyogre in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can't catch kyogre in Pokemon soulsilver.

How do you find Kyogre in heart gold if you don't catch him the first time?

Once you have finished your battle with Kyogre, there is nothing more you can do. Kyogre is a legendary, and all legendary Pokemon can only be battled once. If you lose, or if you defeat Kyogre, you lose your only chance to face and capture Kyogre. However, in the single battle, you have as many attempts to capture it as you have Pokeballs in your bag.

Where is Kyogre when you kill him is he still in the embedded tower?

no it isn't once you kill or catch him you cant re battle him/her

Can you catch Kyogre and Groudon in the same time or can you just catch one?

You can only catch one in one game. In Pokemon SoulSilver, you get Groudon, and in HeartGold you get Kyogre. In Sapphire you get Kyogre, and in Ruby you get Groudon.

What to do after you catch Groudon Pokemon SoulSilver?

You show it to Professor Oak. After that, he'll ask you if you can obtain a Kyogre, which is only available on Pokemon Heart Gold. Once you obtain a Kyogre, put both Groudon and Kyogre in your party and show it to Professor Oak. He'll give you the Jade Orb, which enables you to catch Rayquaza.

How do you catch Kyogre in white?

no where

Where do you catch kyogre in ruby?

u catch it in Sapphire