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No, you can't.

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Q: Can you buy hydropump in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where is TM hydropump in emerald?

on route 206 go left and get the poke ball and then you will have hydropump(this is not correct)

Where can you get the TM brick break and solarbeam and hydropump in Pokemon emerald?

You can get Tm brick Break in Sootopolis in one houses , Tm Solarbeam you get it at the Safari Zone make sure bring a Pokemon that know how to Surf , but Tm hydropump im still finding out Where. hope i help ok.

What shop can you buy Pokemon Emerald?

you can buy Pokemon emerald, ruby, sapphire, firered and leafgreen at gamestop

How do you get to the Pokemon Emerald?

you buy it

How do you get Pokemon Emerald?

you buy it

Where can you buy Pokemon emerald?

You can buy it at Gamestop.

How do you get pokemon emerald version?

Buy it.

Where do you get beds in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't buy beds in Pokemon emerald. (one is in your house!!!!!)(and on the S.S.fairy

When does ludicolo learn hydro pump on Pokemon ruby?

To my knowledge Ludicolo does not learn Hydropump, however, Lombre learns hydropump at level 49.

Were to buy Pokemon Emerald?

usually game stop has a used Emerald

Where can you buy Pokemon emerald in stores?


Can you buy the TM dig in Pokemon Emerald?