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yes you can

put you can't play it XD

if you have a 3-in1 pack (Expansion Cart) for the eazyflash (or however you write it) and then put the GBA ROM on the Expansion Cart and then you can play it with on your ds

oh one tip

don't buy a whole package only the Expansion Cart and download the firmware for the flhascard you need, delete the firmware from your R4 and put the firmware from the easyflash (what you downloaded for free) on the card

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Q: Can you but Pokemon FireRed on your r4 card?
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What is R4 in Pokemon Pearl?

R4DS is a card which allows you to put on ROMs and play them on the R4 card.

Where is blue koffing on Pokemon FireRed?

I do not have Pokemon fire red I have Pokemon pearl but if you have a r4 do cheat and you'll find out

Where can you get Pokemon FireRed for free?

only way is to down load and put it in your r4 for nds

In Pokemon Platinum how do you get unlimited master balls?

you carnt you only get 1 per game inles you got an R4 or 999 games

How can you catch a trainer's Pokemon on Pokemon black?

well... you have to get an r4 or any sort of cheat card to do that. you can not do it on the normal game card.

Do you need R4 to use cheats on Pokemon Pearl?

you need an r4 an ace card etc to get cheats or hack in to your chip to get cheats on one of these chips go to Google and type Pokemon pearl cheats for r4.

Can you copy Pokemon emerald on rs 4 card?

no because it is a GBA game and so it does not work on a r4 card, but a GBA flash card plays GBA games (it is just like an r4 card for GBA)... ^_^

How do you tell time in Pokemon FireRed?

go on your trainer card

Is it possible to migrate Pokemon from FireRed to Diamond if it's on my R4?

yes, the same way as without r4. just complete the first pokedex and pokeleague and talk to the professor. ps: you don't have to catch them only have seen them.

How do you get a r4 card working again?

you can check the official website printed on the r4 label, go it and download the latest r4 kernel into the SD card. then the r4 card can work again.

Is there any way to trade Pokemon if you play the game in computer or laptop?

yes there is, but only for the DS version. When i say DS version i literally mean DS version. Not Pokemon fire but Pokemon fire red. If you own a r4 card you can play the game on your computer and/or laptop on an emulator and then from there you can upload it to your r4 card and then trade with another person. Things you NEED - r4 card - at least 2 DS' On a side note, if you own a DS and a r4 card, you can practically to anything. There are programs out there that enables you to 'spawn' Pokemon. You can spawn any of the 000 - 493 Pokemon. You can also set their IV, DV and EV levels, happiness, base level, skills, gender, and basically everything.

What is an R4 in Nintendogs?

i don't know want your taking about but if you mean R4 card i know a R4 card is a DS card that you can download games for free