Can you breed riolu

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. Riolu is classified as "No Egg Group." However, you can evolve it and breed it with Field or Human-Like pokemon.

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Q: Can you breed riolu
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Can Riolu have eggs with Ditto?

yes it can because ditto can transform to a riolu EDIT: No, because Riolu is considered a "baby" pokemon, such as Elekid and Pichu, and cannot breed. However if you breed a Lucario and a Ditto, that would work.

Do riolu have eggs?

Riolu is considered a 'baby' Pokemon like Smoochum, and Pichu. It cannot breed until it evolves.

How do you get riolu with Blaze Kick?

you need to give it lots and lots of happiness

Is it possible to get a female riolu?

Yes, you can get an additional Riolu but you would first have to evolve the first Riolu into Lucario and then breed Lucario with a Ditto.

What Pokemon can you breed to get a riolu egg?

you can breed a lucario with a ditto or go to iron island and get a egg from riley

How do you breed riolu Pokemon diamond?

To breed a Riolu, you need to put a Lucario/Riolu with a Pokemon of 1. The opposite gender, and 2. Sharing an Egg Group with Lucario/Riolu into the Daycare Center. (Those Egg Groups being Ground and Human Shape) OR Put a female Riolu / Lucario with a Ditto in the Daycare Center Following either step, an egg will be produced. Walking/Biking with this egg in your party will hatch it into Riolu. (6656 Steps, which can be halved by bringing a Pokemon with either Flame Body or Magma Armor as it's ability)

How do you breed a Lucario egg that knows bullet punch and hi jump kick?

you can breed a riolu egg with those moves if they where taught by a TM

What Pokemon can have an egg with riolu?

Rioulu is a baby Pokemon so it cannot breed with any Pokemon.

How can you breed a riolu to know iron tail poison jab shadow claw and sky uppercut?

Teach it TMs for all of them EXEPT sky uppercut is ONLY an egg move for riolu

What can breed with riolu on Pokemon White?

Nothing can breed with Riolu because it is classified in the Pokémon programming game data as a 'Baby Pokémon' and Pokémon that are classified as Baby Pokémon are not capable of breeding with other Pokémon in order to create Pokémon Eggs. Riolu's evolved form of Lucario however can breed with other Pokémon.

When Riolu is at the day care to do an egg how much steps it takes?

It won't take any amount of steps in order to create an Egg when Riolu is at the Daycare if you're trying to produce a Egg because if Riolu is 1 of the parents then you can't produce an Egg. Riolu is considered a Baby Pokémon and baby Pokémon cannot breed.

How do you get a riolu to breed?

Yes riolu can be bred if u what another one it needs to be a female