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Yes, you can breed Petilil.

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Q: Can you breed petilil in Pokemon white?
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What type of Pokemon is Petilil?

Petilil is a Grass type pokemon.

What pokemon use sun stone in black?

Black: Cottonee. White: Petilil

Which Pokemon on Pokemon White does not appear in Pokemon black?

Solosis Duosion Reuniclus Rufflet Briaviary Petilil Lilligant Thundurus Zekrom Those Pokemon are exclusive to Pokemon White

What Pokemon can you catch on Pokemon white but not black?

petilil, throh, zehkrom, rufflet, braviary, solosis, and their evolve forms.

What Pokemon can evolve from stones in Pokemon white?

i only have a few but petilil,cottonee with sun stone minccino with shiny.

In pokemon black and white what level does petilil evolve at?

Sun stone.Of course its the same with COTTONEE,someone will be willing to give you a cottonee/petilil in that town...With leonora

What Pokemon are in Pokemon white that aren't in Pokemon black?

Petilil, Lilligant, Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus, Rufflet, Braviary, Thundurus, & Zekrom.

Where do you catch petilil in Pokemon white?

well, its in like i think route 3,4,5 not so shere

Where can you find petilil on pokemon white version?

Pinwheel Forest, Abundant Shrine or Lostlorn Forest.

What Pokemon can you catch on white but not on black?

I know there are others, but here are some examples: Pokemon Black-Gothita, Vullaby, Cottonee, and their families Pokemon White-Solosis, Rufflet, Petilil, and their families

Where do you find the happiness meter in Pokemon Black and White?

In Nacrence city, in the building to the right of the Pokemon center. The girl with the petilil or cottonee will tell you how happy your Pokemon is.

What is the national pokedex number for Petilil?

Petilil is #548 in the national pokedex, and it is a Grass type Pokemon.