Can you breed latios

Updated: 4/27/2022
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You cannot breed latios its the 2nd legendary with a gender the other is latias but it still can't breed.

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Q: Can you breed latios
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Can you breed a ditto with a latios?

No only latios and latios can mate.

How many people think that you can breed latios and latios and how many people think that you cant breed latios or latios?

to many to count dude but u can do it al u need is a ditto and either latias or latios

Can latios and latias have eggs in Pokemon?

It's impossible to breed latios and latias.

Can you breed latios in pokemon soulsilver?

Latios is a non-breedable Pokemon,so no.

Can you breed a latios in Pokemon Sapphire?

no, even with a latios, you cannot breed either one, because they are legendaries. sorry! TT-TT

Can you breed latias with latios in Pokemon soulsilver?

No, neither Latias nor Latios are breedable.

What will you do to hatch a egg in latios and latias in sapphire version?

You cannot breed latios or latias even if they have genders they are legendary Pokemon so you cannot breed them ever.

Can a latios mate with a ditto?

sadly no.also FYI: latias and latios cant breed. not unless you use an AR code.

Is it possible to breed legends on Pokemon emerald?

yes...latias & latios but no others

What happens if you put latios and latias in the daycare?

Nothing, since none of them can breed.

Can you breed Latos in Pokemon pearl?

No. None of the legendaries, including latios and latias, can breed in any game third generation or beyond.

Can you breed two uxies in Pokemon diamond?

You are unable to breed any legendaries of any kind. That means you can't breed Uxie. You can't even breed the legendaries that have genders: Latios and Latias.