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You can maybe two castforms (trading) or have a castform that's a female and find something compatible:Bannete, Dusclops, Duskull, Gardevoir, Gastly, Gengar, Grimer, Gulpin, Haunter, Kirlia, Koffing, Magcargo, Misdreavus, Muk, Ralts, Shuppet, Slugma, Swalot, Weezing, or Wobuffet

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Q: Can you breed Castform in Pokemon Ruby?
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What Pokemon can you mate with castform?

You can breed a Castform with a Ditto, that's for sure.

How do you get castform on Pokemon platnium?

you can migrate it from ruby or sapphire that's what i did

How do you get more than one Castform?

If you breed with a list of Pokemon (which includes Muk) then you can get a baby castform.

Where to have castform in Pokemon pearl?

you have to migrate it from Pokemon ruby sapphire or emerald but then you can breed it with ditto and get as many as you want if you have not beat the game try aaction replay code for 999 rare candys sorry hoped i helped if you want ill trade you a level 100 castform

What type of Pokemon is Castform?

Castform is a Normal type pokemon.

Can you get a shiny castform from the weather institute on Pokemon ruby?

A very low chance like 1 in 100

Does castform learn thunder?

Castform does not learn Thunder as it levels up. Thunder is a TM that you can teach it. (In Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, or Saphire, you can get Thunder in the Lilycove Department Store.)

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

breed them at the day care

What Pokemon can breed with psyduck on ruby?

Psyduck can breed with psyduck, I think

Can you breed bagon in ruby?

Yes, you can breed any Pokemon on any of the Pokemon games, except the legendary Pokemon.

How do you breed castform?

if it has a gender, breed it with a ditto then you will get a castform egg. If no gender, you can't breed it at all and don't even try because it won't work.

What is the evolutiom of castform Pokemon?

castform hasn't evolution!

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