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yes, go to a Pokemon center and go right, there will be two people standing in front of two pathways. talk to one and you can trade. talk to the other and you can battle.

P.S. you have to have a link cable

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Q: Can you battle a friend in Pokemon Red and blue?
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How do you get red versions Pokemon in blue version?

You link up with a friend who has Pokemon red, then you trade.

Where can you see the 3 starter Pokemon from firered in diamond?

Just battle with a friend that has Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed or LeafGreen. or if you have the game, migrate from it.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red rescue friend codes?

there aren't any friend codes for red & blue rescue..veronica

How do you get Lugias friend area in Pokemon Red Rescue Team?

It is free when you battle and recruit him.

How to get the blue orb in soul silver?

You have to have a friend with Pokemon HeartGold who is willing to lend/trade the Blue Orb to you. In Pokemon SoulSilver, you will receive the Red Orb from Mr. Pokemon after defeating Red at the top of Mt. Silver.

What is sky red plains in Pokemon sky?

it's blue plains a friend area to get it google password for sky blue plains

How do you know when a Pokemon is a boy or girl?

Well if you are in a battle and its a Girl then it will have a red mark but if it is a Boy then it will have a blue mark

I have Pokemon heart gold and got the blue orb how do you get a red orb?

By trading with a friend that has ss and caught groudon and has the red orb

Can i battle Pokemon silver version Vs. Pokemon blue version using Pokemon Stadium 2 for N64 and transfer packs or only gold vs silver or blue vs red?


How do you get Charizard in Pokemon Blue?

You can get Charizard in Pokemon Blue by trading with a friend who has Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow or starting out with a Squirtle from Proffesor Oak and evolving it at Level 16 to get a Charmeleon, then evolving the Charmeleon at Level 36 to get finally get Charizard.

What do you do after beating the 18th gym leader in soul silver?

u battle blue and red red=ash blue=Gary red's Pokemon r pikachu venasur charzard blastoise snorlax lapras

How do you leave your second Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon Blue mystery?

if u had play red mystery it is the same just tell them to stay in their friend area