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Yes of course. No part of his effect demands that you only use it in main phase 1, nor says it can't be activated if he attacked.

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Q: Can you attack with chaos emperor dragon then in main phase 2 use his effect?
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Why is chaos emperor dragon-envoy of the end banned?

its effect is just too strong

Does 'Lord of D' protect 'Chaos Emperor Dragon' from sending itself to the graveyard when using his effect?

No, Lord of D only protects your Dragons from effects that 'target'. Chaos Emperor Dragon does not target anything, it is a 'blanket' effect that will affect multiple cards. In Yu-Gi-Oh, a targeted effect is one where you specifically select what you will affect when you activate the effect. Chaos Emperor Dragon's effect selects nothing, it will affect everything that's on the field when it resolves.

How much is chaos emperor dragon worth?

about £5.50

Why is chaos emperor dragon banned?

because its a badass card ive killed my friends with its effect manny times and well hes badass

Is armitael phantasm of chaos a dragon type?

No, he is a Fiend/Fusion/Effect

Can you remove LADD with chaos sourcerer's effect or will it be negated?

If you mean light and darkness dragon then no chaos sorcerer would be negated because of ladd's effect

What is the pack you get 'Chaos Emperor Dragon' in?

He is in Invasion of Chaos, Dark Revelation 2, and Duelist Pack Kaiba. He is also a promo in The Lost Millenium's special edition pack.

Can you bring Back chaos emperor dragon with decoy dragon?

As long as the Chaos Emperor Dragon had been properly special summoned initially before it went to the graveyard, then yes, it can be resummoned by cards like Call of the Haunted or Decoy Dragon.. That's because it is a 'only be special summoned by' monster, for which the above rules apply. If it were a 'cannot be special summoned except by' monster, like Dark Armed Dragon, then you cannot resummon it from the graveyard, even if properly summoned beforehand.

Is there a card called chaos emporer -envoy of the apocalypse in Yugioh if so what is it's effect?

There's no 'Envoy of the Apocalypse', but there is a Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End. It can only be special summoned by removing a Light and a Dark monster from your graveyard from play. You can pay 1000 lifepoints to send all cards in hand and field to the graveyard, and deal 300 damage to the opponent for each. It is a Lv8 Dragon/Effect monster, DARK, 3000 ATK, 2500 DEF.

Could there be a connection between the Dragon Flame from Winx Club and the Chaos Emeralds?

No the Choas Emeralds teleport stuff/powers things while the dragon flame is just an attack

Has 'Chaos Emperor Dragon' ever been in the anime?

Yes, Kaiba used it against Siegfried, near the end of the 'KC Grand Prix' arc.

Can a player special summon Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End from the opponent's graveyard by removing one of their Light and Dark monsters?

Removing a Light and Dark monster can only special summon a Chaos Emperor Dragon from your own hand. When it's anywhere else, you can't remove another Light and Dark to summon it. If you summoned it properly, you can resummon it with Monster Reborn though.