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Yes, you can build a Dungeon and place monsters in it, which you can then attack.

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Q: Can you attack monsters in your player owned house on runescape?
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How do you make it so you can attack the monsters in your dungeon in runescape?

In your player-owned-house, (PoH) you need to construct a lever in your Throne Room, then right click- challenge mode. Choose either PvP or no PvP, depending on whether you want players to be able to attack other players. (for monsters this choice doesn't matter). Once activated, the monsters will come alive and attack anyone in your dungeon. Including you.

What are all the monsters that you can get in a house on runescape?

The Normal Pacing Guards that you can get in a Player Owned House are:Skeleton GuardGuard DogHobgoblin GuardBaby Red DragonHuge SpiderTroll GuardHellhoundTrap Floor Monsters:RocnarTreasure Room Guards:DemonKalphite SoldierTok-XilDaggannothSteel Dragon

What can you do with a rusty sword on runescape?

You can repair them at a Player Owned House.

How do you get the monsters to move in your dungeon for construction on runescape?

Come out of construction mode, turn on pvp - have more than one person in your house.

Can you sell your house on RuneScape?

no you can not sell your house on runescape.

In runescape how can you sit in chairs?

Can only be done in a Player Owned House, simply by clicking it.

Where is a guilded altar in runescape?

In someones player owned house with high level construction.

How do you change your feet size in RuneScape?

At a player owned house, someone who has a gilded wardrobe.

Can you get a mini game at your house on RuneScape?

To get a mini-game in your RuneScape PoH (Player owned House) you need to create a games room then, with the construction level, you may create different games to play.

Which runescape worlds often have house parties on them?

Look on the world list for Player Owned House Parties on them, those will be the worlds.

Where can i find a cake tin in runescape?

in a player owned house, cooking guild or the grand exchange off another player.

Can you sell your RuneScape house?

No, Your RuneScape House is based on your Construction Level.