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Do you mean by hacking or Just playing.

I don't think you can... Sorry... ANYWAY, Unless some one can correct me XD

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Q: Can you add more boxes to Pokemon diamond yes by hacking?
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How many levels can a Pokemon GO up to in Pokemon diamond?

without hacking, 100 with hacking, 999 and then reset to 0 and no more exp gain.

How can you have more boxes in Pokemon diamond with an action replay code?

There is no such code.

How you can get new boxes in Pokemon Pearl?

I'm Sorry but you cant get more than 18 boxes in Pearl/Diamond

An action replay code for Pokemon Diamond that lets you have more PC boxes?

yes, i do know the code if want to now go to

How do you get more Pokemon storage boxes on diamond?

There is NO WAY up to date. But soon Nintendo will try to make something like it with transferring. (Example: Pokemon Ruby and Shappire Box (Gamecube) )

Can you have more than one login in Pokemon Diamond?

No you can not have more than one login in Pokemon diamond.

Where to get more master balls in Pokemon platinum version ds?


Where do you find sheimi in Pokemon Diamond?

If you mean shaymin, then you need to get a DS action replay and find the code that lets you go through with that extra shymin event. Its not cheating or hacking because they made the DS replay just so they could get more money from Pokemon fans wanting to play a couple more events in their diamond and pearl games.

How do you get more than 8 boxes on Pokemon black?

Your boxes increase after you max out the first 8.

Is there a cheat to get more PC boxes in Pokemon?

There is no cheat in Pokemon to get additional PC boxes. Those who need additional space in Pokemon X and Y can use Nintendo's Pokemon Bank service.

Where do you get Arceus in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Arceus was never released anywhere legitimately, so you can only get it by trading with someone, or by hacking. Arceus is obtained through event's which are quite done now but more will come soon. You have to trade it into soul silver from Pokemon pearl, diamond and platinum.

Can I only get 1 master ball in Pokemon Diamond?

In each game, there is only one master ball obtainable. However, you can get more master balls with an Action Replay device, or by hacking the game, or by trading over a Pokemon holding a master ball from another game.