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yes of course limit up to five

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Q: Can you activate two of the same trap cards in a turn of Yu-Gi-Oh?
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Can you activate two of the same trap cards in a turn to gain life points?

yes to the loser who put this!!

Name cards you need to make a yugioh deck?

magic trap and monster

In yugioh forbidden memories where do you get powerful trap cards?

seto, kaiba and pegasus give out really good trap cards like crush card and such.

How much are trap cards and spell cards worth on yugioh cards?

Depends what the cards are. Some are worth a lot, some are almost worthless.

Can you activa trap cards in the same turn that it was place down?

it depends only in special occasions like tower of Babel says each time a spell card is activate place 1 spell counter on it, so if you place this card down in your turn and then activate 1 spell card then tower of babel is activate immediately

Can you activate two of the same trap cards in one single turn to gain any amount of life points?

yes nothin illegal about it

How do you get fusion cards into graveyard?

in yugioh PC game you can get the fusion cards in the graveyard by using " Monster Reborn " or " call of Haunted " or any other spell or trap cards .

What yugioh card's effect is Destroy a continuous trap card to draw 2 cards or something like that?

Magic planter

How many trap cards can you activate in one turn in Yu-Gi-Oh?

At most, 10; this is because you may end up activating all 5 of both your opponent's and your own cards each, but cannot play any more and have them activate that same turn.

Can you activate a spell card when your opponent activates a trap card in yugioh?

Yes, as long as the spell card is a Quickplay Spell, and the trap card is not a Counter Trap. So you cannot chain Monster Reborn to any trap. Nor can you chain Book of Moon to a Counter Trap, for example.

Which website gives you all real fiend monsters spells and trap cards?

glad you ask...... just go to yugioh wiki

Can you activate your Trap card during your End Phase if your opponent's Zenmaines' effect targeted it in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, of course. Trap Cards can be activated in the End Phase.