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No, Swords of Concealing Light is a continuous Spell Card, and therefore its initial activation is spell speed 1 and can only be done on your own turn, in your main phases.

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Q: Can you activate swords of concealing light if your during your opponents turn?
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Does swords of revealing light stay for three of each of your opponents turns in four way duels?

If you play Swords Of Revealing Light then during each of your opponents end phases does it count as a turn so in a four way as soon as your third opponent end his/her turn then Swords must be discarded to the graveyard.

When Swords Of concealing Light is activated does its effect only affect the monsters on the field the turn it was activated or is every monster affected until the end of the third turn?

The first effect only applies to face-down monsters on your opponents side of the field the turn it is activated. Your opponent may Set more monsters the next turn which are unaffected by "Swords of Revealing Light's" first effect and so remain face-down. Its secondary effect affects all of your opponents monsters while it is face-up on the field. Therefore, for three whole turns, your opponent may not attack.

If a monster attacks an opponents monster with higher attack but is also under the swords of revealing light what happens?

Nothing. You have to wait until swords of revealing light is sent to the graveyeard

When playing yu-gi-oh can you activate a special ability when swords of revealing light is in play?

Swords of Revealing Light only prevents the declaration of attacks, it in no way prevents the activation of effects.

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