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If a monster is set you cannot activate it. "Torrential Tribute" can only activate when any player performs a flip summon, normal summon, Ritual summon, Fusion summon or Special summon, but a set is different from a summon so you cannot activate "Torrential Tribute". The same applies to other cards that activate when a monster is summoned (like "Bottomless Trap Hole" and "Solemn Judgment").

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Q: Can you activate Torrential Tribute when a player sets a monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?
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When using metamorphosis the LV of the Fusion monster should be the same as the LV of the monster you are going to tribute.

On Yu-Gi-Oh the sacred cards how do you make a tribute?

you choose the card choose two tribute choose the monster you want two tribute summon and summon it

In yugioh if you use double summon are you allowed to summon a monster with 8 stars?

Double Summon allows you to have an extra Normal Summon. This Normal Summon is no different to your usual once-per turn Normal Summon. If you've got two monsters to tribute, then sure, you can tribute them for an 8-star monster.

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After you activate "Heart of the Underdog", you draw a card from your deck like you normally would during your Draw Phase. If that monster you draw happens to be a Normal Monster, you can activate "Heart of the Underdog". You show the Normal Monster to your opponent as proof and draw another card from your deck. If that new card that you draw is a Normal Monster too, you can activate "Heart of the Underdog" again. You repeat the process until you don't draw another Normal Monster.

Does dark dust spirit the yugioh card need a tribute to be summoned?

It requires 1 tribute

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It will depend on your style of play but there are cards that are a must in a deck. For me you should have a card that allows you to get or draw a card, eg Pot of Greed, Sangan or Witch of the Dark Forest. also include cards that can destroy your opponents monsters like Torrential Tribute or Lightning Vortex they can really be handy and can save your life.

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Yugioh question Can metalmorph be activated in response to an attack by your opponet and be equip to the attacked monster?

Because Metalmorph changes the ATK of a monster, it can be activated in the Damage Step. You can therefore do two things. If the defending monster is face-up already, you can activate Metalmorph in response to the attack, that's fine. If the defending monster is face-down, you will flip it at the start of the Damage Step, and can activate Metalmorph as above, before you enter Damage Calculation.

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no it is not...

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