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When using metamorphosis the LV of the Fusion monster should be the same as the LV of the monster you are going to tribute.

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Q: What YuGiOh card could you sacrifice to summon a 9-12 star fusion monster with metamorphosis?
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In YuGiOh what are the Fusion Monsters that list Dark Magician as a Fusion Material monster?

Dark Paladin and Dark Flare Knight both list Dark Magician as a Fusion Material monster.

How do you get fusion cards to normal summon in Yugioh duelists of the roses like meteor b dragon black skull dragon or blue eyes ultimate dragon?

As long as you have he two cards for the fusion you have to play someone with that monster and kill it. Graveyard slot now does notmatter go back to your deck construction and reincarnate the tougher of the two or three fusion cards. This will get you the fusion card you are looking for

If you use De-Fusion a Fusion Monster do you get back the Fusion Material Monsters from your graveyard?

Yes, you will Special Summon the Fusion Material monsters for the Fusion Monster; as long as the following conditions are met:The Fusion Monster you are targeting was Fusion SummonedAll the monsters used to Fusion Summon must be your GraveyardFor example, if you use De-Fusion on your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (BEUD), it will be returned to your Extra Deck. Then, if that BEUD was Fusion Summoned and all the monsters used to Fusion Summon it are in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon all of them to your side of the field. This includes Substitute Fusion Material monsters if they were used.If the Fusion Monster was not Fusion Summoned, it will still be returned to the Extra Deck, but no additional monsters will be Special Summoned.These same rules apply to your opponent's Fusion Monster you target with De-Fusion. However, if your opponent is in control of your Fusion Monster when you target it, the Fusion Monster will be returned to your Extra Deck and the Fusion Material monsters will be Special Summoned to your side of the field.

Can Monster Reborn be used on fusion cards?

As long as the Fusion Monster was properly Special Summoned (by Fusion Summon normally, but if the monster cannot actually be Fusion Summoned, then by following the text on its card) then you can bring it back using Monster Reborn.Some may say "This card cannot be special summoned except by Fusion Summon" which means even Monster Reborn can't be used, even if it was summoned properly.

Can you normal or tribute summon a fusion monster from your hand if you already fusion summoned the monster before it was sent to your hand?

The situation that you are describing, in the first place, cannot exist (a Fusion monster being in your hand). If a Fusion monster on the field is supposed to be "sent to the top of the owner's deck" or "returned to the owner's hand" by an effect it is instead returned to the Extra/ Fusion deck.

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In YuGiOh what are the Fusion Monsters that list Dark Magician as a Fusion Material monster?

Dark Paladin and Dark Flare Knight both list Dark Magician as a Fusion Material monster.

What card card can you bring out any fusion monster without using polymerization for yugioh?

No one card can Special Summon any Fusion Monster. Because some Fusion Monsters specify that they "cannot be Special Summoned except by a Fusion Summon", cards like "Metamorphosis" will not be able to Special Summon them. Even "Instant Fusion" cannot Special Summon Fusion Monsters that state "This card can only be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck by returning the above cards you control to the Deck."

How do you get fusion cards into graveyard?

in yugioh PC game you can get the fusion cards in the graveyard by using " Monster Reborn " or " call of Haunted " or any other spell or trap cards .

What is a subsitute for Metamorphosis in Yu Gi Oh?

Summoner of Illusions is a good subsitute. This is how it works. FLIp: Tribute 1 other monster, and if you do, Special Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck. Destroy that Fusion Monster at the End Phase of this turn. I hope this helps.

In Yugioh what do you need to make elemental hero Neos?

Elemental hero neos is a normal monster so there for it is not a fusion and no cards combine to make it.

For the spell card metamorphosis it said offer 1 monster on your side of field as tribute to special summon 1 fusion monster of the same level does it mean to trib Red Eyes to summon Thousand Dragon?

You got it. A level seven for a level seven. Although most people use metamorphosis to summon a fusion monster with a cool effect. Like tributing a level one monster to summon Relinquished.

Does Syncro Monsters Go To The Graveyard?

Yes, you can.You can special summon Synchro Monsters from the Graveyard, but they need to be properly Synchro Summoned first...Just like a Fusion monster. You see, if you properly synchro Summoned a monster and your opponent used "Lightning Vortex", you can simply use a "Monster Reborn" or any other card to recover it; since it was properly summoned. Although, if it is sent directly from your Extra Deck to the Graveyard by a card effect, you can say "bye-bye" to that card for the rest of the duel.

Can a fusion be successful if one of the fusion material monsters are in the deck in Yugioh?

Yes, but you have to have the fusion elements.

What monster fuses with Blackland Fire Dragon to form Red-Eyes Black Dragon in Yugioh?

Red-eyes black dragon is not a fusion card. there is no other card, that i know of, that can fuse with blackland fire dragon to make a fusion card. red-eyes black dragon is a normal monster.

How do you teach your monster tricks in monster fusion on facebook?

Simply. Go to the Fusion Machine.if you familiar with the fusion. theres a little box below the 2nd monster to fusion which you could insert the trick you want your monster to learn

What is a fusion monster unaffected by spell trap or monster?

The fusion monster that is uneffected by monster effect is gaia drake the universal force

Can you reset your monster fusion account on facebook?

how to reset monster fusion account in facebook