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Yes, you will be able to buy a Razor Claw in exchange for Battle Points but in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, you need 48 points in order to buy it.

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Q: Can you a razor claw for battle points?
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Where do you get the razor claw in SoulSilver?

You get it as a battle dome item after you get enough battle points.

Where do you get the razor claw in heartgold?

you can get at the battle hall but you have to get 48 battle points first.

How do get a razor claw in heart-gold?

you can buy them using BP (battle points) in the battle frontier

Is there more than one razor claw in Pokemon diamond?

yes there is more than one razor claw. if you have 48 battle points you can buy a razor claw at the fight area prize building

Where in the battle frontier do you find a razor claw?

You have to buy it with BP for 48 points.

How do you get razor claw in heart gold?

i saw it once in the ahtlete shop ( in the pokeathlon ) and i think it was 3000 pts. that is probably the easiest way to get a razor claw. let me guess, you are trying to evovle sneasel into a weavile. i hope you get a razor claw! -RR14 ***IMPROVEMENT*** You can also get it in the Battle Frontier For 48 BP ;) ~DoYouFeelTheTrance

Where can you find the razor claw in Pokemon platinum?

A Razor Claw can be bought in the Battle Frontier for 48 BP (Battle Points) and you can find 2 other Razor Claws, 1 in the Victory Road and one within Route 224.

Where to get a razor claw in Pokemon white?

You have to trade bp points for it in the battle subway in nimbasa city

Were is the razor claw in Pokemon hg?

Battle Frontier.

Were can you find a razor claw in heartgold?

at the battle frontierI think the only way you can obtain the razor claw is at the battle frontier in one of the stalls/shops :) hope this helped

Where do you find a razor claw in soul silver?

Battle Frontier man, you gotta get BP (battle points until you have enough for the item. A lady below the battle frontier sells them at a stand.

Where do you find the Razor Claw on Pokemon Platinum Version?

Route 212, Victory Road, Battle Frontier (u need BP points)