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propabaly not seeing as most emulators play gamnes as a singular console with no connection. you MAY be able to use netplay like wifi but i am not sure as i have not got experience with a ds emulator; i have with similer older emulators though

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Q: Can you Do Pal Park with any known DS emulators?
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What Pokémon can you get in pal park with Pokémon LeafGreen?

You have to migrate the pokemon so any pokemon you have in your leafgreen can be in pal park but it disappears from your leafgreen

Can you use surf in the ponds in diamond pal park?

Yes. If you migrate any water Pokemon (e.g. Wailmer, Dewgong) they will be only found in the water of Pal Park.

I can't get my Pokemon on Fire red to migrate to my Pokemon Diamond version?

Do you have pal park? You can go to pal park by surfing down from the Sandgem town beach. If you do have pal park... did you use any action replay cards? Because those give your game serious glitches. Trust me on that one.

Is there an AR code so you can get six Pokemon at pal-park in Pokemon diamond?

No but you just have to unlock the national pokedex to unlock the pal park then migrate them from any 3rd gen Pokemon game.

Pal park Pokemon?

Any Pokemon can be caught in Pal Park except the Pokemon of the fourth generation, This is because you can migrate your Pokemon from Sapphire, ruby, emerald, firred or leafgreen. so if you wanted you could fight a mewtwo in the park.

How do you upload Pokemon into pal park?

migrate any Pokemon from ruby, sapphire and emerald

What Pokemon can you use for the pal park in heart gold?

any gba game from season 2&3

Is there any way to find a Squirtle or Bulbasaur without using the pal park in Diamond?

No, sorry bro.

How do you get in pearl Pikachu?

you migrate a pikachu to pal park from any GBA game.

What emulators beside nogba can play poke'mon diamond pearl platinum?

any DS emulators you can find

How do you get into the catching show in the pal park in platinum without any other Pokemon games?

You can't, it's not possible.

What city is Pal Park in on Pokemon Diamond?

Actually, Pal Park isn't in any city. It's its own place. After defeating the Elite Four and getting the National Pokedex, go to Sandgem Town. There, go south to find the ocean. Surf on the ocean, and keep heading south. Then, after you've gone as far south as you can, go east, and then go a little north, and there is Pal Park.